Wednesday, 25 November 2009

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What beautiful tights. I can really not write beautiful without thinking of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty.I've yet to see Christmas Carol to be honest I think that film has been done to death even though I've liked all the previous especially the Muppet version.I remember going to Dickens World last year and going into a haunted house where they told the story ,parts of it were actually quite creepy. I wouldn't really suggest it for a day out the whole "Charles Dickens" experience takes about an hour to complete with all of the activities in a decorated indoor set. They however managed to film the Hoosiers Cops and Robbers there though.


  1. the muppet version is my favourite :)
    i love both of those tights too, my friend came into school with the house of holland ones today and i was very jealous.
    i can't write the word beautiful without thinking "boy eats all until tummy is ful"
    haha xxx

  2. i think it's from the proenza show :)

  3. love tights!!!! i love that muppet version, so cute :)