Monday, 28 January 2013

Ok so after two years of an unexplainable hiatus I am back where I have always been in-front of my laptop writing a post. Albeit however until now it was writing reviews on every product I have ever purchased under the alias of missjohnnydepp. Maybe this restart of my blog can be a somewhat new years resolution a little less of a month late . I'm going to make these posts frequent so hopefully any past posts will be a distant nightmare in the world of bad grammar and lighting.

So today I wanted to share  these three new Mac products I purchased while dealing with exam stress. I must confess I am a avid makeup tutorial watcher. There is something I can admire with people without shaky hands carefully and delicately applying makeup to a blemish free face.Which I why when pixiwoo mentioned they used these products in a 90's vanessa paradis tutorial I had to pick them up. The matte lipstick 'Honey Love" applies a creamy gorgeous shade that makes me feel like I'm forever in a sepia photograph, and as we all know sepia is the most flattering of photo booth effects. The blush "Harmony" gives a nice everyday natural complexion however requires more application for it to be visible compared to brighter Mac shades. My favourite product gaining first prize out of the three was defiantly the lip liner "spice"its perfect for smudging and defines the lips crisply. I'm off to hide my credit card before I blow my entire student savings, people can live off just rice and water right?