Tuesday, 15 December 2009

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On Friday I am going of to visit Disney Land Paris as well as the city of lights. I cant wait especially knowing that all my mocks have finished.I think I might be able to put my french lessons to test, even though I always find people speaking English back to me. This lovely set of looks from forever 21 is getting me in the mood of Paris fashion and I cant wait even though I'm broke from spending my remaining money on Christmas decorations and a humming bird necklace from Topshop .I've never visited Forever 21 being English but I don't really understand the controversy over it apparently its a a little more expensive than primark but the clothes look nice. I think the looks not only scream parisian chic but also remind me ever so slightly of the movie Chicago with the stockings and dark bob incorporated.
Oh and I will try to be more frequents with my post's now going to brave the London tube tomorrow with everyone completing their frantic Christmas shopping including me. I have a feeling Topshop will be packed I may need some protective clothing i.e shin pads,mouth guards