Friday, 6 November 2009

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Pret a Portabello Skirt/Top from Mother/Metronomy Image
My legs were luminous pale in this picture so I decided to sepia it.I'm sure most people have already seen 500 days of summer but I think I might post about It now.To be honest I haven't still made my mind up about the film , whether I love it or rather it annoys me.Maybe the reason it annoys me would be the reason that Zooey was horrible to Joseph who is just so darn cute, it was not a happy ending in my mind anyway.The soundtrack for the film was something special though with most of the songs making me feel happy and upbeat.Now I cant stop listening to Regina Spektor and Tempertrap.Hope you all had a nice Bonfire Night those in America probably dont have our English holiday.If there is anyone that hates the 5th of November it would be my little Jack Russel who hides under the sofa whining a lot.


  1. Is that you in the picture? you are really pretty :) i am going to see fireworks 2morrow! glad i am speaking 2 someone of a similar age, im nearly fourteen!

  2. I love zooey deschannel! I really wanted to see 500 days of summer, but my mom said it was really annoying that she was so mean, and that it wasn't worth seeing. So I never did.
    I also really like your haircut!