Tuesday, 29 September 2009

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H&M jacket/HMV Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt/Border's Badges/Lazy Oaf Watch and Pin

I am at work experience this week it just seems to be a lot of admin work. I've currently got a massive headache because I've been online non stop all day feeling unhealthy. I sat outside for a bit to read Teen Vogue on a bench on my lonesome because all of the adults drove off out for lunch in their big flash cars

Napoleon dynanmite is the best. I couldn't find the dance video on the internet which disappointed me greatly.Have you been watching Xfactor I sure have and am currently addicted not only do I watch the xtra factor aswell it seems to be the topic of all my conversations.Ive decided I want Miss Frank to win :)


  1. i am in love with this and that is in no way an understatement. i lurrrve that jacket and your hair is so cute! i'm trying to grow mine out like that but it's taking so long! lovelovelovexxxxxxx

  2. you are so freakin' adorable!!!
    love the jacket to pieces and the little pins that you placed on the collar...too cute for words! ohh yeah, great hat too!


  3. LOVE your jacket! is it from this season??? I love your t-shirt as well :)

    yess my beloved Tara Starlet shorts, they're the best thing in the world, don't you think so?

  4. That hat is making me DROOL!! So cute. Amazing pictures, the lightning is just perfect


  5. You are so cute in that piccy! LOVE that jacket btw!!!

  6. Aww! This is a really cute outfit <3
    I have that t-shirt too ^-^


    I wish all boys danced like that.

  7. you are so adorable :3
    love this outfit and your blog