Sunday, 13 September 2009

Jeremy Scott and Lazy Oaf are my obsessions at the moment.Last weekend I purchased the talking watch annoying everyone with my addictiveness of pressing the button that tells the time.Pity they only had white ones in stock.Ive only been at school two weeks and its seeemed to have dragged on a lot.Coursework as well on "the resistance of a wire" it doesn't get more exiting than that.Need to take some pictures soon instead of copying off google, but i am busy .... getting distracted by the quizzes on facebook.

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  1. Agreed.
    Must find a coat like that one.
    And yeah, she looks much older.
    Thank you for commenting =D

  2. Wow, love that rose dress and the blog! thnx for all ur lovely comments on mine!!!

  3. School has been the same for me. I didn't have class on labor day, which makes the beginning of the semester drag on even longer! :/ Where do you go to school?

  4. I love that jeremy scott dress, i kept ringing the speaking clock phone number because it had celebrities telling the time and it was really fun, but also really expensive!
    thanks for the comment, I like your blog.

  5. That's my all time favourite Jeremy Scott print. Haha I want a talking watch!!