Tuesday, 15 September 2009

And if you want to be the teacher's pet
Well baby you just better forget it.
Rock got no reason. Rock got no rhyme.
You better get me to school on time.

I got some Doc Martens ok they might be fakes from Asda but who cares.
I also hate it how when I take pictures at night my pictures come out bad :(
I dont mind my school uniform it means I dont have to stress out picking an outfit every morning.
I do wear a jumper with a logo aswell but thats not appropriate.
Jack Black come to my school make it intresting :)
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  1. I thnk the uniform is kl! I have just foudn out that i have to buy new jumpers for school as mine aren't right! :( love ut blog, plz comment on mine!!!

  2. aaaahhh i love the feeling of summer too, and it's just beginning for me here! makes life wonderful x

  3. haha i love your picture and YEs !! her hair is like the littel mermaid ! How awesome is that !? ! !