Sunday, 7 February 2010

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I'm back, well sort of anyway my exams are over for the time being and it's nearlyhalf term! The first item I had my eye on when I went to the angels sale
was this flattened boaterhat ,maybe it was used in St Trinians or a Period Drama for the BBC. I do wish however that I woke up to my alarm I set because arriving at around
10 am I found most of the best pieces were probably gone but there were lots of hats left. It was a struggle trying to fit them into the £20 bag. I think my obsession for hats may prove more useful than being a chocoholic as I'm always able to cover up with a bad hair day.
I think you should expect to see me on a Gondola in venice with my boater hats very soon.
My entry for the Blue H&M competition
Oh Darts why is my hand eye coordination so bad why do I end up nearly stabbing people I try to aim for the board honest. I'm not completely sure why my stripey top comes out black on camera either but I am sure of one thing. That H&M does the best jeans in the Universe


  1. pretty!
    I lusted after a boater all last year and it resulted in buying one from the fancy-dress shop, £2 was good though!

  2. your hair is so gorgeous! and you pull off that hat so well! gorgeous blog!

    love sammy


  3. What a beautiful picture!
    Great blog, and thanks for the lovely comment:)

    xx, Hayley

  4. i love that hat!!!!

    lovely blog!

    leave me some love