Saturday, 16 January 2010

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What a fun set really reminds me of the Buzz lightyear ride in Disney. As I'm quite aware I think "Lily's" Stripey Leggings are from MOTEL but I could be wrong
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Picture - and check out the website for more clips and pictures
I do not take credit for any pictures of the SKINS cast
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I'd love all of those dresses to wear to prom.

Exams, Exams , Exams they are due to my lack of posts and my "revising" but when I say that I mean I keep my homework minimized looking at it every half an hour or so. I have really got to stop procrastinating but expect some proper picture posts in February when they're over.

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(The twins' clothes are great, I might need to go hunting for those lace tights)

I'm glad the snow has all melted and I can actually go outside again without looking like a teddy bear wrapped up in a dozen layers.
Skins Is starting again, to clear it up I know no one that actually lives like that and people who try to make their life like Skins annoy me but I'm so excited anyway.Shame I'll have to watch it on 4od a day after. When I saw the cast on the cover of Company yesterday I had to snap it up even though I'm usually a bliss and sugar kind of girl.
I'd have to say the whole Skins bunch are extremely stylish on and off screen :)


  1. OMG.

    Right, I'm out to buy this. :)

  2. efe looks so different in the 2nd pic! dear god. Either way, i love this show :D

  3. I love skins, these are great pics, effy is ridiculously beautiful!

  4. freat post! i got that magazine too because im skins obsessed! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! im studying fashion design at ravensbourne!

    loving the blog :) im following

    love sammy