Tuesday, 16 February 2010

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Boots- Oasis /Polkatights- Topshop/High Shorts- Topshop /Lips Jumper -Missguided
These are my boots which I love to death I'm still suprised my mum bought them for me and this is also my new coat which
my mum got free with two tops she bought.It may smell funny and feel like foam but there's nothing a good wash cant do
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I do love lazy days in the half term I can sleep in until eleven and stay up all night watching films however at the moment I'm meant to be completing coursework so I can go out during the weekend and I'm a little bit stuck with only a sentence done. I still have no idea why I haven't made any pancakes yet and what will I give up ?
Taking these photos wasnt the best experience of my life I basically fell into a tree trunk filled with Fungi but luckily I didn't get covered with that much mud.
The Brits is on tonight I cant wait to see the flamboyant theatrical performances.


  1. i absolutely love your outfit,and the pose <3
    i´llbe following you:)

  2. I enjoy your tights, oh so much!

    xx, Hayley

  3. Cool boots. Loving the tights too!
    And to answer your question, I'm studying French and German.

  4. That outfit looks gorgeous!
    i love itt!!
    where are the tights from?