Saturday, 5 February 2011

Don't eat scrambled egg with lipstick on
My sort of week in pictures actually pictures found from months ago to brighten up my blog :)
Just to let you all know that I haven't completely abandoned my blog and thank you for all the lovely messages and thanks to Deborah for featuring me on her lovely blog.
These body shop products are the best, I'm seriously debating whether I should spend my money on all the other types of smells oh and my nearest Tesco now do a "food from around the world" area, yesss :)
I also found my avon lipstick that was meant to be for christmas, the colour wasn't as expected


  1. Are they some kind of little teddy bear biscuits? And that pencil case/makeup bag is really cute :D

  2. I've got the mango and strawberry versions of the body shop shower gels, and they smell devine! I recommend them ^-^

  3. The strawberry flavour koala biscuits are lovely, but have you tried the cheese flavour? Ugh. We have a packet at work that we keep offering to unsuspecting visitors.

  4. the bodyshop shower gels are devine! i got given a clementine one over christmas which was quite befitting of the season , i swear i get withdrawal syptoms if i dont use it, its just too good

  5. I love your blog its so unique!