Tuesday, 9 November 2010

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Oh well parents evening tonight went alright but the teachers said I need to revise a lot more if I want to get into the universities I want (feels like so much effort and I'll be distracted by misfits)However I know I'll feel annoyed If I regret not working hard enough even though I know that will happen anyway.
Builders still haven't gone and I keep treading on nails
and its so cold cold cold at the moment, I only have my trustworthy Topshop coat from years ago to keep me warm and all the buttons are falling out. Should I invest or save up for some headphones and risk pnemonia or some nasty infection. Anyway heres my picks of what I would get If I could persuade my mum so want everything on the http://www.dahliafashion.co.uk/ website right now its super lovely.
oh and I promise the amount of photobooth pictures I publish it so much easier than standing outside and I really need a self timer.


  1. love that third cape. so pretty.
    pneumonia or a nasty infection? oh dear, no one wants that. i wish you the best in getting a new coat and your studies!
    thanks for sharing that great website too

  2. Lovely picks. Especially the fur trimmed Topshop coat. And I can see what you mean about everything being super lovely on that website x

  3. Lovely capes! You look fabulous by the way!


  4. That's a beautiful cape! And you're super pretty.

  5. Love your coat! and the gorgeous turbans in the post below.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well :)

    Follow for follow? haha

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog lovely! Loving your coats post too, especially love the brown fur trimmed one - gorgeous! love your blog, I'm now following you, would love if you'd consider following me back!

  7. From all, i love the one you are wearing! seems so elegant and subtle. all the selection is great
    Love people that loves fashion!!
    you should step by my blog! let´s spread fashion arounf the worldd!!! haha see you babe!!
    Already following you!
    Follow me back ;)

  8. megan... thank you so much for your comment on my blog! i am also feeling the need to get a new cape... thanks for the inspiration. you are darling!

  9. love love love the capes!
    keep your chin up, i'm sure you'll get into the unis you fancy easily :)
    and i love your blog! keep it coming.
    x x x

  10. I adore capes :) especially in camel.

  11. Yes, yes, yes! That tan one is to die for. I'm not so much a cape girl but I do love me some coats!

  12. COATS. Some vibrant colours this year...


  13. I want the stripey one!

    The university you attend is not nearly as important as the experiences you have in life. Well, except the university you attend affects the kinds of misfits who share those experiences. Dilemma.

    thanks for visiting. Nice to meet you.

  14. I want cape. The Dahlia coats are nice !