Sunday, 18 October 2009

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Watch Urban Outfitters/Dress Saksfithavenue/Unicorn Necklace Lazy Oaf


I'm not sure but I think my obsession of Charlie The Unicorn is starting again, it always cheers me up instantly.My whole entire weekend seems to be consumed by the likes of X factor now. It is so cold outside now ,the weather changes too quickly and because my computer is near the front door I am putting my personal warmth at health every time I sign on.I think I may need to take a trip down to London to by some jumpers even though I'm broke it may be time to move on from my summer tank tops

Sunday, 11 October 2009

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I've had a long weekend with a half day Thursday and day off Friday.Really should have used my time to do courswork which Ive now spent all day doing.Instead I went to london bought some velvet leggings and a went to a surprise party to finish the Friday off.I used to think Leopard Print was just for ladies in their fifties and the Flintstones but I must say my opinion is beginning to change.Just remember to not go too over the top and it always should be faux.Now I realise this post is very boring and badly punctuated so I stop and post pictures of people in leopard print and Harry Hill for he has returned to ITV