Thursday, 13 August 2009

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I recently went to Portebello road and instantly the song from Bedknobs & Broomsticks popped into my head bringing back childhood memories watching that film contiuosly on a loop.I did not find people banging steel and dancing in kilts but did find a large range of shops and market stalls tempting me to spend my money.The nautical trend is so big there right now and I found about 5 copies of the same dress on different stalls while wandering about.I decided to buy a military styled jacket with a seethrough back from Toki and Nabi also a skirt that I may post later and the campbell soup t-shirt from andy warhol by/for pepe jeans.

The day afterwards I visited the Festival of History and it was a very windy cold day even for england not the cleverest of ideas just wearing what I was. See all the LARPERS was quite amusing though grown men dressed up a soldiers from the Georgian times etc it reminded me a lot of role models.

Live Action Role PlayER

I learnt that from Beauty And The Geek

I managed to to take a few pictures that will stay probably in my documents. I even got three people dressed up as soldiers to take a picture with but let me tell you its probably not the best idea to stand infront of Larpers marching towards the battle of Bosworth

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  1. um your seriously adorable and are making all the other bloggers in the world look bad